Coach, photographer and writer. Asks questions and playfully explores imagery to challenge perceptions and perspectives.
white metal bend in foreground. shop windows in background with reflection of two people walking. lighting shop with spheres to the right. black and white image.
Elements of change in a shop window. Photograph by Maria Sokolowska.

Taking a moment to see clearly.

Dividing change into different sections and considering my approach for each one.

  • Find, decide, and act

A stage of creative, imaginative, and then doing. “Getting Things Done” by imagining a bigger picture, values, then breaking this into smaller stages. The finding stage can be an internet time consuming void, or a playful exploring possibility. This is perhaps the most aware stage.

  • Clear…

Damaged Film Hope Theory Landscape. Photograph by Maria Sokolowska.

When I know of a big upcoming plan, there’s a part of me which wants to go eat chocolate, and not face it.

I feel this before I make a plan.

I’m exploring Hope Theory to see what this perspective gives me.

I can summarise the Elements of Hope Theory as:

  • agency — assumptions about who you are and what you can learn.
  • pathways — well articulated pathways reflected by hopeful and confident, with low hope there is less clarity and it’s harder to commit.
  • goals — the action steps, goals, and…

Look around to understand how your plans will evolve and be more beautiful for it.

How satellite dishes rust. Photograph by Maria Sokolowska.

The phone was only good for a hand warmer. The battery could heat to steel furnace temperatures but not turn on a screen. No hiding in YouTube. …

Kairos, the significance of the moment.

The path that led somewhere, but nowhere. Photograph by Maria Sokolowska.

I followed a path that led somewhere,
But nowhere.
Someone had trampled the grass,
Grown over concrete laid in the 60s.
Excited and nervous
With fears of snakes, falling and threat.
I was happier on the return.

Childhood marked the start of the path.

Extraction. Photograph by Maria Sokolowska.

Do you have a code of ethics?

There may be principles which you live your life by, laws which you obey. Religious, traditional and cultural ethics. There are also professional ethics which may apply whilst working or in a particular role.

As a member of The International Coaching Federation, I…

Questions to ask myself.

Exposed Internal. Photograph by Maria Sokolowska.

Looking at physical walls to understand the effect of our environment on how we feel and applying to our internal mental boundaries.

Observing physical walls raises questions about the rules we set ourselves.

What we create is organic and will develop beyond original intent.

Waiting Spaces.

A hospital…

Connections. Photograph by Maria Sokolowska.

Gone past my bedtime, but it’s evening in New York. Sitting up in bed with an iPad, headphones and making notes but not getting ink on the duvet. For anyone else on the zoom call, I saved you by having no video link.

The discussion was how to create a…

Marks on a Wall. Photograph by Maria Sokolowska.

They’re easy to miss. To just accept. Maybe to judge. I first saw them when I was sitting in a hospital corridor; waiting. But of course, I’ve seen them before. Never enough to care. Then it changed.

What takes us out of our own little world?

The armour that we…

Practical uses of an olfactory mission statement.

Looking uphill on a narrow paved road. Lampost and small church door on left, stonework on right. Black and white image. Trees in background
Uphill. Photograph by Maria Sokolowska.

This started as a signature scent. To be recognisable and prompt me of the reasons behind everyday tasks. My bigger why.

I linked a smell to my mission statement. The future metaphor for my business is a workshop. …

Best feedback ever.

Obsidian Heart. Photograph by Maria Sokolowska.

“Report in on what the group has said.”

Thrown at me before the breakout room closed. Okay, I know I took notes, but this is one of those challenges that makes me inhale.

So I picked out the key interesting words and put them together. Without the verbs or those other two and three-letter words. Maybe it was like vomit? Maybe it was like when I tip up the lego box on the carpet? …

Maria Sokolowska

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